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CoolSculpting Elite is an improved version of the original highly effective, non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

While some say that if something isn’t broken, you shouldn’t fix it, that doesn’t hold true when you have a way to make something great even better. Allergan, the makers of the CoolSculpting®, have done exactly that to create CoolSculpting Elite, an improved version of their original highly effective, non-surgical fat reduction treatment. At Cool Renewal Med Spa, we are proud to offer the CoolSculpting Elite treatment to our Mooresville, North Carolina clients. There are several benefits involved with CoolSculpting Elite:

  • Dual applicators- The original machine permitted just one applicator to be in use at a time. CoolSculpting Elite enables the use of two applicators to be used during a single treatment.

CoolSculpting Elite in Mooresville, North Carolina

  • Improved applicator shape- Not only can we use two applicators, but they have been re-engineered for increased comfort and efficiency. The applicator better fits the contours of the human body.
  • Improved applicator size- The applicators are 18 percent larger to achieve more fat reduction during a treatment.
  • Sound improvements- The CoolSculpting Elite device is quieter than its predecessor, allowing for a more peaceful experience.
  • Get results sooner- Because of the innovations put into the CoolSculpting Elite system, you can enjoy results in far less time.

Just as with the predecessor to the CoolSculpting Elite system, you will be able to eliminate stubborn fat from nine different areas, including under the chin and jawline, thighs, abdomen, flanks, area along the bra, back, underneath the buttocks, and upper arms. It is the only FDA-cleared treatment for nonsurgical fat reduction. If you would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

At Cool Renewal Med Spa, we offer CoolSculpting Elite services to residents of Charlotte, Hickory, Lake Norman, Rock Hill, Mooresville, Cornelius, Huntersville, Pineville, Matthews, and the rest of North Carolina.

* Results may vary per patient – call us for a free consultation 844-772-2665