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Cooltone Assessment and treatment faq

What can I expect during a CoolTone assessment?

  1.  Once we have reduced the fat in your abdomen and thighs, now is the time to look into toning and defining those areas as well as the glutes.
  2. A great candidate for CoolTone is someone who lives a healthy lifestyle and has a great fitness routine already in place to maintain results. We are looking for visible definition to the area that we are then able to enhance with our magnetic muscle stimulation.
  3. A CoolTone candidate may look something like this:

But not everyone has to look like this to get started!


What can I expect during a CoolTone Treatment?

  1. During your first treatment, your body contouring specialist will take clinical photos to track your entire personalized treatment plan.
  2. You will either sit or lay on the aesthetics bed depending on your treatment area. Your body contouring specialist will apply the applicators flush to the treatment area and strap them down tight to keep them in place.
  3. Once the CoolTone treatment has been started, your body contouring specialist will work with you on increasing the intensity of the contractions until the treatment is “uncomfortably comfortable”. The applicator will continue to complete cycles of intense contractions followed by a taping sensation.
  4. Once the CoolTone treatment is complete, you may feel tightness, slight soreness, and fatigue to the treatment area.
  5. Most CoolTone treatment plans will consist of 8 visits in a 2-3 weeks period. We will see you for your next visit around 48 hours later.
  6. There is no down time and you are able to return to your normal activities immediately.
  7. Check out this video for more details:
* Results may vary per patient – call us for a free consultation 844-772-2665