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What can I expect during my CoolSculpting treatment? CoolRenewal Med Spa is customized to ensure that you have the best spa experience during your treatments. We want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and pampered! The basic steps of CoolSculpting treatments are:

  1. During your first treatment, your body contouring specialist will take clinical photos to track your progress. This will not only be used for your own before and after photos, but also for our CoolRenewal Commitment to ensure positive reduction in the area.
  2. Your body contouring specialist will then go over your treatment plan on your area of concern again to ensure that we are targeting exactly what you are looking to reduce.
  3. We will get you seated and begin the treatment by applying a gel pad to the area and then placing the applicator on your body using a light suction. This will give you a slight tugging sensation and minimal pressure.
  4. When the treatment begins, you’ll feel an intense cold. After about 10 minutes or less, the area being treated will become temporarily numb.
  5. Once you are settled in and comfortable, snacks, food, water, soda, or wine will be available. We also have AppleTv’s in all of our body contouring rooms. Anything that you would want to watch, we have. Some patients even bring their work with them. With WiFi available, they do not have to miss any work to treat.
  6. Upon treatment completion, we will remove the applicator and do a 2-minute post procedure massage on the area. This not only breaks up the crystalized fat cells, but ensures a 68% better reduction to the area treated.
  7. After treatment, you are free to do everything you would normally do during the day. There are no restrictions or down time for CoolSculpting Elite procedures. Whatever you feel comfortable doing, you can do.
  8. We will then see you back in 4-6 weeks for your second visit, which you can expect the same treatment as the first visit.
  9. Check out this video for more details:

What can I expect during my CoolSculpting follow-up?

  1. After finishing your CoolSculpting Elite treatment plan, you’ll be asked back for a follow-up appointment about 12 weeks after your last treatment visit.
  2. Your body contouring specialist will make sure you’re doing well and share your transformation using your before, during, and after photos.
  3. This is also a good time to explore any addition body contouring goals you may have and discuss next steps. Whether that be a different pocket of fat or lax skin tissue, those are concerns that we can address for you.

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