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Ditch ineffective over-the-counter skincare in favor of powerful medical-grade options.

There is an endless parade of over-the-counter skin care treatments touting their abilities to smooth wrinkles, fade scarring, improve texture, and provide other cosmetic benefits. However, if you’re someone who has tried several of these treatments with little to no success, it may be time to consider something more powerful. At Cool Renewal Med Spa, we offer medical-grade skin care treatments to those living in and around the Charlotte, North Carolina area, and our team would be proud to work with you to help you achieve your skin goals.

Medical-Grade Skin Care in Charlotte, North Carolina

Your medical-grade skin care journey with us starts with extensive consultation, where we will speak with you about your concerns and goals for treatment. Maybe you’re struggling with acne or acne scarring, or perhaps you want to combat signs of aging like wrinkles. No matter what, we’ll listen to your concerns and do a thorough assessment of your skin before we get started with treatment options. Once we have a clear picture of what you hope to achieve, we will create a plan to help you get there.

Our medical-grade skin care treatments include options from trusted brands like:

  • Alastin
  • Obagi
  • Revision
  • SkinBetter Science

Each of these brands offers a wide range of products to help you target specific issues, as well as skincare essentials like toners, moisturizers, cleansers, creams, and serums. We can help you select the right products and offer continued support after your initial consultation to check in on your progress.

Assessments are free and have no obligation. Our goal is to help you feel confident in your skin, and you can trust us to be your partners in the journey. To learn more about the medical-grade skin care products we offer or schedule a consultation, contact us today!

At Cool Renewal Med Spa, we offer medical-grade skin care treatments to residents of Charlotte, Hickory, Lake Norman, Rock Hill, Mooresville, Cornelius, Huntersville, Pineville, Matthews, and the rest of North Carolina.

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