Obagi, Charlotte, NC

Transform your skin with Obagi.

Obagi in Charlotte, North CarolinaAs you move through the aging process, you might notice some changes to your skin. Some of these changes may include more fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and other signs of aging. Although you cannot turn back the clock completely, there are things you can do to minimize the signs of aging and beautify your skin.

At Cool Renewal Med Spa, we are a proud provider of Obagi products, which are transformational skincare products specifically formulated to minimize the signs of aging. These products also nourish and protect the skin while enhancing skin tone and texture. Ultimately, Obagi products are designed to unleash your skin’s full potential.

Obagi in Charlotte, North CarolinaObagi’s products feature scientifically backed formulations that promote healthy, future-facing skin. This way, you can face each day with confidence. Every product in their lineup is rigorously tested to provide incredible results for your skin and your confidence.

If you’ve visited our location in Charlotte, North Carolina before, we want you to come back and try our lineup of Obagi products. Our professional aestheticians can craft a customized skincare regiment for you that includes these products, unleashing the true beauty of your skin and minimizing the signs of aging.

You’ll love the way your skin looks and feels when you start using skincare products from Obagi! For more information about these products and why they are a great option for your skin at any age, contact us today.

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