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What can I expect during my CoolSculpting assessment?

The consultation takes about 30 minutes but is crucial to ensuring that:

  1. 1. You are a good candidate for CoolSculpting (not everyone is!)
  2. You have a personalized treatment plan based on your desired goals and expectations that are achievable based on that treatment plan.

During the consultation we will discuss 3 main topics:

  1. Educating you about: What CoolSculpting is? How CoolSculpting works?
  2. Discuss with you about your area of concern and the best treatment options for you and your goals, and then
  3. Create a personalized treatment plan specifically for YOU!

At the end of the consultation, your personalized treatment plan will tell you how many treatments you will need, how many sessions you will need, and what it will cost to achieve your desired results.

Often times we hear: “But why can’t you just give me a price?” The answer is twofold: first, the above items are very important. And secondly, every “Body” is different. For example, take a look at the 6 (3 female and 3 male) real patients below. They have very different treatment plans because they are very different people. Do any of these relate to you?

Different bodies. Different people. Different treatment plans.

CoolSculpting consultations and treatment plans are very important and need to be customized to each person.

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