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Why CoolSculpting is the Perfect Liposuction Alternative

Here at Cool Renewal Spa, we want to help you feel happy with and confident in your body. In our experience, one of the things that can affect someone’s self-image the most is their distribution of body fat, especially if stubborn pockets of fat persist, despite all their efforts to exercise and eat right. While these measures can go a long way towards helping you get the shape you want, they will likely not be enough to achieve the ideal silhouette you are looking for.

If you have considered surgical procedures such as liposuction to get you the rest of the way there, we encourage you to consider CoolSculpting treatments instead. In this article, we’ll go over more about why CoolSculpting is the perfect liposuction alternative.

  • Similar Results- The first thing that makes CoolSculpting an ideal liposuction alternative is that it has been shown to produce similar results. It may require more than one treatment in order to do so, but with proper application, you will see a comparable reduction in body fat.
  • Noninvasive- The second major factor that makes CoolSculpting appealing as a liposuction alternative is that it is completely non-invasive. There is no surgery, no incisions, and the whole procedure can be done on an outpatient basis, meaning that you’ll be able to go home or even continue with your normal routine following your treatments.
  • Minimal Discomfort- CoolSculpting also produces minimal discomfort, making it a more appealing option compared to liposuction. In this procedure, a freezing device is placed on the target area for about an hour. During that time, it freezes the fat cells below the skin and causes them to break down. Once the fat is broken down, it will be flushed out of the body naturally, with no need for anesthetics or other relief.
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