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Getting a little more body fat as you age is an incredibly common practice. Things like decreased muscle mass, slower metabolism, and poor diet or sleeping habits are all things that can contribute to this growing problem. While you can successfully lose excess body fat through diet and exercise, there are times when this isn’t enough! Generally, when you lose fat, it comes off slowly, gradually, and over the entirety of your body. If you have been working on a clean and healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and still aren’t seeing the fat loss results you’re looking for, there are other options for you.

Fat Removal: What to Do When Diet and Exercise Aren't Enough [infographic]

Even fit people have stubborn areas of fat that are comfortably settled in and don’t appear to be moving on anytime soon! Because you cannot “spot train” areas of your body, fat removal is best carried out in different ways. While liposuction is a viable option for many people, there are other options for fat removal that are not only effective, but also more affordable and less invasive than liposuction as a fat removal process. One of these is known as CoolSculpting.

Fat Removal

CoolSculpting doesn’t just decrease the appearance of fat accumulations, but actually serves to remove the fat from your body by gently freezing the cells, causing them to die and be expelled by the body. You have legitimate fat removal with a less-invasive method!

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