Are you Looking for a Liposuction Alternative? Think About CoolSculpting. | Cool Renewal Spa


As we age, our bodies often start to change. Before you know it, you can be looking at your body and hardly recognize it! Even though aging is a natural process, we understand the desire to feel confident and secure in your body. This desire often can lead to a plastic surgeon’s office, but if you are looking for a liposuction alternative, what should you do? The answer lies in an FDA-cleared procedure known as CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is quickly growing as a liposuction alternative because it has many advantages over liposuction with comparable results. For starters, surgical liposuction has many of the same risks as any other hospital procedure, such as an unpleasant reaction to anesthesia, infection, incisions, and downtime for recovery. When you experience a CoolSculpting procedure, you have virtually none of these risks. Rather than spending weeks being sore after a surgical liposuction, you’ll be able to resume many of your daily activities immediately following a CoolSculpting procedure. Your procedure will be done by a certified technician in our top-of-the-line spa where we only do CoolSculpting procedures. There are no incisions or needles involved with CoolSculpting, which is a relief for many of our needle-shy clients! Lastly, our CoolSculpting procedure is a great liposuction alternative because it often ends up being less costly than a surgical liposuction procedure.

If you’re looking for a way to restore some troublesome areas to what they once were, our team at Cool Renewal Spa wants to help with our liposuction alternative treatment. Call us today to find out more about CoolSculpting — we would love to show you some of our before and after photos!

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