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Body Sculpting Consultations

No matter what the type of medical or cosmetic procedure we go through, a large majority of us are going to feel a certain amount of nervousness and apprehension. Even if we have done something similarly before, we wonder what will happen, how it will take place, if it will cause discomfort, and how much downtime we will need to plan for. When you want to come in for a body sculpting consultation, we want to help alleviate that apprehension by telling you exactly what you can expect.

First, you’ll be led into a comfortable and relaxing room. With the new trend to make medical spas cater to the comfort of the patients, this will help you feel comfortable. There, we will be able to answer any questions that you might have, so come ready with your list of FAQs! We can also provide you with a variety of before and after photos, pricing options for you, and help you understand the process. After this, we can either schedule you for an appointment or you can return home — there is absolutely no pressure or coercion when it comes to body sculpting consultations here.

We also would be happy to show you any of the equipment that is used during your body sculpting consultations, as well as give you a general time frame and show you our procedure rooms. Because our process is very minimally invasive, many patients are able to relax during their procedures! For further questions or information about body sculpting consultations, give us a call here at Cool Renewal Med Spa today.

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