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Get Rid of Love HandlesExercise is amazing.  It does wonderful things for your health and your body.  It can help you to lose body fat and to achieve more toned muscles.  Diet also helps in this process.  The only real problem with using diet and exercise to get rid of love handles, or other problem areas, is that while these methods can help you to reduce your size, they can’t eliminate fat cells entirely.  Once you’ve gained fat cells, those fat cells are yours forever.  You can shrink them down by starving them through a proper diet.  This in addition to proper exercise can help you to become leaner. Unfortunately, if you feed them, they grow and you are back where you started.  So, if you’ve done as much diet and exercise as possible, and still have those pockets of stubborn fat, there is a way to actually of the fat cells—rather than simply shrinking them.

You can get rid of love handles and other bulging areas through the simple process of CoolSculpting.  This is a process of eliminating fat cells through freezing them.  Once the fat cells have been frozen, they die and your body naturally eliminates them over the course of the next few weeks.  It truly is a simple way to get rid of love handles and other small bulges of fat that may be bothering you.

At Cool Renewal Spa, we are experts in CoolSculpting.  If you think that the idea of losing fat cells through this simple procedure sounds intriguing, contact us.  We can arrange a body consultation for you and help you to determine if this method of fat reduction is right for you.12

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