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What to Expect When You Have Non-Surgical Body Sculpting
CoolSculpting is a revolutionary alternative to surgical liposuction, which helps you lose those love handles and belly fat. Here’s what happens when you have this body sculpting treatment.

• The area to be treated will be marked to allow for correct placement of the applicator.

• To protect your skin from the applicator, a cool gel pad is placed over the area to be treated. This state-of-the-art cooling device works via vacuum pressure to pull body tissue into the cooling panels.

• After a while, you will feel coolness and some pressure, which will disappear in approximately 10 minutes.

• Precisely controlled cooling to freeze the targeted fat cells is delivered by the applicator. The targeted cells will gradually and safely be eliminated naturally from your body.

• The treatment is non-invasive, comfortable, and there are no restrictions afterwards. With the use of a second machine, dual body sculpting can be performed, meaning that the treatment is even quicker. While it is being performed, you can relax and even catch up on some reading or Netflix shows.

• One hour after treatment when the applicator is removed, your skin will be raised and red, but this is only temporary.

• For a few minutes, the treated area will be massaged and your skin will return to normal. Massage is an effective and safe way to further reduce fat following this body sculpting technique.

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At Cool Renewal Med Spa, we are the only spa in Charlotte, NC to exclusively perform the revolutionary, non-surgical CoolSculpting procedure where we literally freeze fat away. Book your free consultation today. The only thing you’ve got to lose is unwanted fat!

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