Are You Aware of the Potential Side Effects of Surgical Liposuction? | Cool Renewal Spa

Surgical liposuction is a procedure during which fat is suctioned out of the body through a thin, small, blunt-tipped tube called a cannula, which is inserted through small incisions. The doctor targets specific areas of fat deposits. Having a large area treated, or more than one area, can increase the risk of complications during and after the surgery.

Are You Aware of the Potential Side Effects of Surgical Liposuction?

Common side effects of surgical liposuction include:

  • Minor scarring and irritation around the incision sites
  • Temporary soreness, bruising, numbness and swelling in and around the treated areas
  • Rippling or baggy skin. After a few months, the skin should retract and tighten, but for some patients, it remains loose.

Less common side effects include:

  • Uneven surface over the treated skin
  • Permanent change of skin color
  • Damage to the skin and surrounding nerves. The heat generated during the procedure may also burn tissue under the skin

If a patient gains weight after having surgical liposuction, the body might store the new fat in another area, away from where the fat cells were removed. This new fat can develop deep inside the body, around organs such as the liver and heart, which is more harmful than fat that’s stored near the surface of the body, such as in the thighs or hips. For this reason, patients must be careful not to gain weight after treatment.

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