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We are the best place in the Mooresville area that provides Cool Sculpting exclusively and can handle two areas in one visit.

Cool Sculpting in Mooresville, North Carolina

You may have tried a number of things to remove stubborn fat cells from your abdomen, inner thighs, and elsewhere. You may be struggling with bra fat, saddle bags, love handles or a muffin top. Even with a stringent diet and exercise plan, sometimes the fat in these areas is adamant about hanging around. That is why the Cool Sculpting method was developed. Up until then, the only answer was surgical liposuction, but that is not a viable answer for someone who doesn’t want anesthesia or an incision, much less a recovery time. Here at Cool Renewal Med Spa Lake Norman, we offer Cool Sculpting that provides the results you are looking for without the side effects.

Cool Sculpting is a FDA-cleared alternative to surgical liposuction. It is not a surgery, so it does not require anesthesia. You can return to your regular routine right after your treatment in Mooresville, North Carolina. The process uses gentle vacuum pressure and cooling to treat the fat that is under your skin. Once these cells are killed, your body will naturally eliminate them, leaving you looking slimmer.

Unlike other facilities that offer many different services, all we do is Cool Sculpting. You’ll enjoy a spa environment with highly trained professionals providing your treatments. We also have sufficient machines to be able to offer DualSculpting, so you can reduce the number of visits by taking care of two problem areas at the same time.

The best way to fully understand the process is to call us to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll answer all your questions and discuss what you can expect regarding the treatment and results. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

At Cool Renewal Med Spa, we offer Cool Sculpting services to residents of Mooresville, Charlotte, Hickory, Lake Norman, Rock Hill, Cornelius, Huntersville, Pineville, Matthews, and the rest of North Carolina

lose fat Many of us have bulges of stubborn fat.
lose weight Those unwanted bulges contain fat cells, which can be resistant to diet and exercise.
get a sexier body Coolsculpting uses controlled cooling to target and crystallize fat cells.
lose weight easily Crystallized fat cells gradually die, and are naturally reduced from your body.
get back into shape In the weeks and months following treatment, the remaining fat cells condense, reducing the fat layer.
lose belly fat Coolsculpting lets you say goodbye to stubborn fat without surgery.
CoolSculpting in Charlotte NC
Easy way to lose fat

Real patients discuss their experiences with CoolSculpting

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