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What Can I Expect from DualSculpting?

Often when it comes to medical procedures, some of the worst parts are the apprehension of waiting for your appointment. If you aren’t sure what you can expect from the appointment, it is all the more frightening. Here at Cool Renewal Spa, we have decided to take a different approach and make things more relaxing and enjoyable when it comes to sculpting your body through various methods. One of our methods that we use is called DualSculpting, and it is what we do when we perform CoolSculpting procedures on multiple areas of your body at once. If you aren’t sure what you can expect from DualSculpting, let us enlighten you a bit.

During your initial visits, you will sit down with one of our professionals who is trained in our CoolSculpting procedures. Our professionals can help you feel at ease and answer any questions that you might have regarding the procedures, what you can expect during and after the procedures, the actual science behind the techniques and what areas you’d like to focus on. Because our trained CoolSculpting technicians need to be consistently and constantly up to date on their procedures and certifications, you can feel confident chatting with them about the procedures.

Even though DualSculpting is done on multiple areas, the recovery and results are similar to CoolSculpting single areas, just with twice as many results. You may need to be seen for more than one session depending on your own body composition, but this is something you can discuss at your initial consultation.

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