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Fat Removal: What Works and What Definitely Doesn’t

In the U.S., the number of individuals, both adults and children, who are becoming overweight and obese are rising at an alarming level. A lot of this is due to sedentary activity and an overabundance of delicious but nutrient-lacking food. Unfortunately, much of the weight gain occurring is in the form of fat rather than healthy weight gain of muscle mass and healthy fat levels. In fact, much of the fat we are gaining is of the worst kind — the kind that sits around the abdomen and increases the risk of heart diseases and certain cancers. If you are looking for effective fat removal methods, we here at Cool Renewal Med Spa would like to let you know of a few ways that work, and some that definitely won’t.

There are a few very effective methods of fat removal, and some of the most basic are also some of the most ignored. Eating the right foods at the right times with a healthy exercise routine that incorporates both strength and cardiovascular training is effective for many people when done consistently. Another effective method of fat removal is liposuction, where the fat cells in your body are loosened and then surgically removed with specialized vacuumed catheters. Finally, a procedure that we perform here at Cool Renewal Med Spa is CoolSculpting, where we can target, freeze and allow the body to naturally rid the fat cells.

Fat removal methods that don’t work are often those we try first. Things like crash diets, fad diets, only incorporating certain exercises and trying to spot-train portions of your body for fat removal in specific places.

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