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At best, surgery is a necessary situation—not one that you look forward to with excitement for the months or weeks leading up to it.  There are so many things about surgery that make it a hassle.  Preparing your life for the interruption of surgery, going under anesthesia, being cut open, feeling sore when you wake up and extended recovery time are all aspects of surgery that make it disagreeable.  When you’ve worked hard to tone up your body, but still have persistent fat bulges, you may actually be considering liposuction surgery.  But what if there was a liposuction alternative—one that didn’t involve surgery?  Would you decide to give it a try?

Want to Lose Weight Without Surgery? Try This Liposuction Alternative

CoolSculpting is the new liposuction alternative for fat reduction.  The process is simple and can be finished in approximately an hour.  It is non-surgical, so this means no anesthesia, no incisions and no recovery time.  Instead of cutting you open and removing your unwanted fat cells, the CoolSculpting machine is placed on problem areas and a vacuum and cooling system is used to cool the fat cells to a very low temperature. This kills off the unwanted fat cells, and they are then eliminated from your body over the course of the next several weeks.

If you are not keen on having unnecessary surgery, consider the liposuction alternative of CoolSculpting.  At Cool Renewal Med Spa, we exclusively offer CoolSculpting services.  Contact us for a body consultation.  Let us help you to lose those stubborn fat bulges the simple way.

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