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The first FAQ about the CoolSculpting fat freezing procedure is: Does it really work? Yes, it does. It has been cleared by the FDA to eliminate pockets of fat without surgery, downtime or injections. However, it is not suitable for everyone, so it’s important to schedule a consultation at an accredited facility or spa. Here are a few more common questions:

FAQ About CoolSculpting – the Revolutionary Fat Freezing Procedure

How Long Does It Take To See Results After Fat Freezing?

Many patients notice changes in a few weeks after a complete treatment, but it may take up to four months to achieve full results.

fat freezingIs Fat Freezing Painful?

It is rare for patients to experience significant pain. During the treatment, you will feel a pulling sensation on the targeted area. Then, after a few minutes, there may be a feeling of intense cooling and numbness. After a session, the treated areas are massaged. During this, some patients feel discomfort, while others have no problem. On rare occasions, tingling, discomfort, or nerve-related pain has been experienced for several days afterwards, and some patients do develop late-onset pain, which can be treated using a nerve blocking prescription, but this is very rare.

Are There Side Effects?

The CoolSculpting Technician will not perform the procedure unless you are a healthy, appropriate candidate. Therefore, the most common side effect might be no effect at all! Patient selection is of paramount importance.

Will I Need More Than One Fat Freezing Treatment?

Some patients are happy with the results after one session, but it is often necessary to undergo two, or maybe three, treatments.

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